Powerful strategies to help you eliminate stress and anxiety

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It seems as though stress and anxiety have reached an all-time high in our society today. Have you ever been so stressed that it felt like it took over your entire body and mind? Well, you are not alone, and we’re here to share with you some powerful strategies that will allow you to ease your mind and body and completely change your physiological and psychological state.

Stress identification

You know you're stressed out when you feel anxious, impatient, short of breath, irritable, sensitive, etc. As soon as you figure out your most common unique indicators, you can better overcome them by uncovering specific solutions to relieve the symptoms you’re experiencing.

The physical approach

 In the event you are feeling overwhelmingly stressed, take the physical approach and rule out the possibility the root of your stress is of a physical nature. Once you find the troubling areas, which for most people, normally settle around their neck and shoulders, face and head, and even other parts of their body, implement any or all of the following activities that fit in with your schedule and lifestyle. 
  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Massage/Self-massage
  • Light repetitive exercise
  • Essential oil bath 
  • Chi-Gong

The mental approach

Now that your body is physically relaxed, it's a lot easier to relax in other areas (i.e emotions, mind, nerves, etc.) Maybe physical relaxation was all you needed to change your current state of being but if not, don’t worry, you’re better prepared to explore other solutions now. 
The next method you can try now that you’re physically relaxed is to have the intention to focus on your mental wellbeing. Lay flat on your back in a quiet, dimly lit room, on the floor or bed with your eyes closed. Begin to witness your breath and slowly allow your lungs to take in more air while slowly saying the words “let go” on every exhale. After about 5 minutes you’ll begin to find a sense of peace and inner relaxation. 
If this meditation session was successfully sustained, you will feel a significant uplift in your overall state of being leaving you better prepared for your journey ahead. After you end the meditation we suggest grabbing a pen and paper and jotting down anything that comes to mind about your experience. Feel free to let your thought and ideas travel to any area of your life that it may lead you.
Now go,  and try this for yourself then send me an email & let us know how it works for you! 
Talk Soon! 

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