Antique Cream Mandala Earrings by Love and Hooks

Antique Cream Mandala Earrings by Love and Hooks

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Contemporary mandala earrings intimately hand-crocheted with graceful
hands. Each earring is made from cotton embroidery thread and
meticulously crocheted around a stainless steel hoop for added
structure and support.

The Antique Cream mandala earrings, handcrafted with our classic crochet
techniques are perfect for a casual summer afternoon.

Product Details

Color: Antique Cream
Quantity: 1 pair
Size dimensions: 2 " x 2"
Diameter: 1"
Material: Embroidery thread 100% cotton, Stainless steel hoop & ear finding.

Given the nature of our intimate production process, each pair will
vary a bit from the image, no two are made alike but all are made with

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